Model: Talicia Do — Lashes by: Thu Anna Do — Brows by: Lindabeautifeyes

Model: Talicia Do — Lashes by: Thu Anna Do — Brows by: Lindabeautifeyes



So here’s some information about me. I am born and raised in Southern California. Specifically, Orange County. I currently reside in Stamford, CT which is not far from New York. I currently do brows in New Rochelle, NY and still have lovely clients in Anaheim, CA. So basically, I’m your bi-coastal brow artist for now! So here’s some info about what I do exactly.

I am your permanent makeup artist, specializing in ombre powder eyebrows. It is a cosmetic enhancement in semi-permanent makeup. It has a powdery smooth look with a technique using tattoo machine work. It is a form of micro-pigmentation that is also known as microshading. I do not do microblading (which is another technique.) In case you’re wondering, I work at the most outer layer of the epidermis. Hence, he tattoo will fade over time leaving the tattoo semi-permanent.

Benefits of ombre powder eyebrows:

  • Save time when getting ready!

  • Lasting brows for 1-3 yrs (depending on lifestyle and care of skin)

  • Fuller looking brows

  • Have the look of hair in places of hair loss

  • Short healing process within 2 weeks

  • Brows shaped to frame and bring out the most of client’s beautiful face

What to expect during a visit (including procedure):

  • Minimum of 3 hours for brow shaping and tattoo procedure. Times will vary depending on skin

  • Minimal pain. A topical anesthetic like Lidocaine will be used

  • Have sensitive skin? Sensitivity to pain can be gauged by client’s sensitivity to tweezing/plucking, skin products

  • Discussion of what to expect during and after tattoo procedure

What to expect after procedure:

  • Color right after tattoo will remain dark for a minimum of 7-10 days

  • Color retention will be lighter by 30-50% about 14 days after procedure

  • Thickness will decrease up to 25% about 14 days after procedure

  • Pain and redness will subside within a few days

  • Sensitivity to after care ointments may occur

  • Scabbing of skin in tattoo area is a part of the healing process (let it heal without any interference

  • True color and healed brows will become predominant after a month from procedure

Before considering getting tattooed eyebrows:

  1. If you are prone to skin allergies, please consult a doctor before booking an appointment. Redness, bumps and/or rashes may occur at the site of the tattoo.

  2. If you’re prone to keloids, scars may develop around or also at the site of the tattoo.

  3. If you have a scheduled MRI, please let your doctor know. In rare cases, temporary swelling or burning of the tattoo may occur when having an MRI.

  4. If you or pregnant or nursing, you are not a candidate. You are at risk of infection.

I love enhancing the beauty you already have by just lifting your brows with semi-permanent tattoo work. Choose me as your brow artist and we can definitely beautifEYE your beauty that you already have!

Thank you,